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The South Chitalishte Association for Development

The South Chitalishte Association for Development brings together Chitalishta from the South Central Region. The idea we got around is that we are not competitors but rather partners who know each other very well and work together. The number of the Chitalishta founders of the Association is 13 and there are more Chitalishta joining in.


  1. To support the development and strengthening of the spiritual values, civil society, education and culture through the Chitalishta in the South Central region. 
  2. To ensure favorable conditions for sustainable development of the local community by development and implementation of strategies, projects and programs related with the Chitalishta in the South Central region. 
  3. To work for the development of the Chitalishte through support of Chitalishte projects and initiatives related with: 
    • Development and strengthening of local cultural traditions 
    • Support socially isolated groups in the society 
    • Educational activities 
    • Social integration and personal development 
  4. To provide opportunities for personal development through: 
    • life-long learning
    • qualification upgrade
    • consultations
    • language training 
    • information activities related with new technologies 
    • trainings on agriculture, tourism, etc. 
  5. To encourage the development of youth by supporting their projects and initiatives and lobbying for their interests. 


Project "Chitalishta" invested in people. Now, the investment is paying back. The most valuable asset of the South Chitalishte Association for Development is the Chitalishte people. For the period of 10 years they have gained a lot of knowledge, experience and confidence. Also, they have developed a new and modern vision for their organizations. Now, they are the new leaders who lead and attract others. The rest is just a question of time. 

The South Chitalishte Association for Development 
47 Republikanska Street