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Campaign for Cleaning the Danube River

Monday, 10 June 2013

At the Danube river the day is born over the plane and the sun sets over the big river gleaming in gold. However, those gold gleams are lost in the polluted river bank.

We, the people, have two options: just talk and blame others or chose the clear Danube as our cause and teach our children to have the habit of preserving and appreciating what they have as a natural resource (not to regard it as an obligation).

We have chosen to be active and responsible.

Thus, we are going to clean the Danube river bank on July 27th, 2013.

Get involved as a volunteer in the 'cleaning' out of the blue artery of Bulgaria, part of old Europe.

You can confirm your involvement in the campaign till June 26th, 2013 at: 0879219608; 0879219609; or by email: anivadin@abv.bg, Anelia Spasova.

The campaign is a joint initiative of Chitalishte "Saznanie - 1927", Dolni vadin village, Oryahovo Municipality and Platform AGORA.


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