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"Unlock the Treasures" Family Welcomes a New Partner

Friday, 14 August 2015

From July, 2015 the Balkan Immigrants Culture and Solidarity Association - BALGOC joined Platform AGORA team in the implementation of the project "Unlock the Treasures".

BALGOC is the new partner of AGORA and the main host of the project events in Bursa, Turkey. The association is established in 1987 and as of today its members and volunteers are more than 30 000. Nowadays, the association has more than 15 commissions, coordinating its activities in the fields of youth, culture, trade, economy, the relations with Balkan countries, etc. Focus in the work of BALGOC are the relations between Bulgaria and Turkey and more specifically the issues concerning the immigrants from Bulgaria and the Turkish minority in the country.

Also, in 2014, BALGOC organized a campaign to support the people who were affected by the natural disaster in Varna, kv. Asparuhovo.

This publication is produced with the financial support of the EU and Republic of Turkey. Association "Platform AGORA" is responsible for the content of this document and can in no way be interpreted as the opinion of the EU or the Republic of Turkey.


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