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Photo Contest „Unlock the treasures"

Saturday, 09 January 2016

Platform AGORA and the Balkan Immigrants Culture and Solidarity Association - BALGOC announce a photo contest "Unlock the Treasures". The photographs should:

  • grasp meetings between different cultures;
  • document discrimination and tension between cultures;
  • show interaction between different cultures, religions and beliefs.


Applying their photographic skills, the participants would have the opportunity to see through their 'civic' lens and freely interpret the sensitive topic of anti-discrimination in terms of a dialogue among cultures, cultural diversity, religions and beliefs.


The contest is open to professional photographers and or amateur photographers from Republic of Turkey and Republic of Bulgaria.

Requirements for the photographs

  • free interpretation of antidiscrimination topic in terms of a dialogue among cultures, cultural diversity, religions and beliefs;
  • photographs should have minimum 3 000 pixels on the long side, could be black and white or color. Minimal resolution 140 dpi;
  • files larger than 8MB and less than 1,5MB will not be considered;
  • the images should be in JPEG or TIFF formats;
  • could be accompanied by short description /not longer than 3 sentences/;
  • signatures and frames are not allowed.

Submission of photographs

Each participant may submit up to 3 photographs. Each application should contain the following:

  • the full name of the author /LastName_SurName_First_Name/;
  • an original file /or negative of the photo could be requested from the author/;
  • e-mail address and phone for contact;
  • the subject line in the e-mail should read "Unlock the treasures-photo contest";
  • submit your photographs as attachments in separate files titled as follows - the file name should contain: FamilyName_FirstName_ PhotoTitle_Number of Photo. The photo title should not be longer than 15 symbols. The file names should be written in Latin letters and between the name components a low dash _ is written, not spaces. For example: Iliev_Georgy_See_1.

Deadline for submission of photographs
March 21st, 2016 at е-mail with subject line: Unlock the treasures-photo contest.

Selection of contest winners
The contest winners will be selected by a jury consisting of representatives of the project partner organizations and a professional photographer.
*The organizers reserve the right not to consider photographs if they don't correspond to the theme of the announcement, contain images offending human dignity, don't meet the minimum requirements for file size and format or are not submitted electronically within the specified deadline.

Exhibition "Unlock the Treasures"
A competent jury will select 26 of the best photographs to be printed out and displayed in a Photo exhibition. The Photo Exhibition "Unlock the Treasures" will be officially launched at the closing conference of the project in June 2016 in Bursa, Turkey. The Photo Exhibition will be hosted in different locations in the country in order to raise the awareness on the topic and promote the free access to culture and participation.

The winner will be awarded a special prize. For the second and third place there will be awards as well. All selected authors will receive a certificate.

Other conditions
The authors give their consent that the photographs could be used in non-commercial print and electronic materials, as well as online publications and websites for project promotion by Platform AGORA and the Balkan Immigrants Culture and Solidarity Association - BALGOC within the Civil Society Dialogue Programme.

This publication is produced with the financial support of the EU and Republic of Turkey. Association "Platform AGORA" is responsible for the content of this document and can in no way be interpreted as the opinion of the EU or the Republic of Turkey.




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