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The Festival "Banatski Culinary Delights" was Held in Asenovo

Monday, 20 August 2012

On August 18th, 2012 at Asenovo village, Nikopol municipality the second edition of the unique international festival “Banatski Culinary Delights - the Traditions of My Village” was held. Again, this year the festival was organized by Chitalishte “Petar Parchevich-1927” in the framework of Platform AGORA's project "Activating Communities through the Chitalishtes in Bulgaria: second phase", supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation.

The celebration of the Banat cuisine and traditions gathered more than 116 participants who presented their specialties at the culinary stands and more than 300 performers got involved in the folklore program of the festival. Hundreds of guests visited Asenovo on the festival day including people from Romania and Hungary.

The most exciting part of the culinary feast was the food tasting by a special Jury, chaired by Mr. Ivan Zvezdev. The first three specialties in each category were awarded the following prizes:

The Most Delicious Dish:
Ist pize – Fishballs, prepared by Nina Borisova Dolni Vadin village;
IInd prize – Sweet sausage (prepared with walnuts and vine juice), prepared by Prespa Vladimirova, Lozica village;
IIIrd prize – Turkish Jelly, prepared by Sevinch Tatarova, Nikopol.

The most Authentic Dish:
Ist pize – Pryasol by Milcho Bojinov, Cherkovica village;
IInd prize – Nettle with dry peppers by Anelia Spasova, Dolni Vadin village;
IIIrd prize – Sloe berryJelly by Maya Angelova, town of Chiprovci

As the most hospitable stand was recognized the Lubenovo village stand. The title "Master of Banat Dishes" was awarded to Spasena Georgieva Velcheva from Ostrov village for her "Raidushe" – a kind of fried specialties in the Banat cuisine.


Last but not least, after two festival editions and the accumulated resources and efforts of the local community, business, the Chitalishte and the local authorities, AGORA Platform awarded a certificate to Chitalishte “Petar Parchevich-1927” for the implementation of the civic initiative.


The stands at Asenovo attracted the festival goers not only with the festival symbol – a colorful Easter cake, but also with various salty and sweet delights from the region.