Who are the Five Finalists in Contest AGORA?
Active Communities for Development Alternatives

Who are the Five Finalists in Contest AGORA?

Thursday, 05 March 2015

The five finalists in Contest AGORA 2014 have been selected after a long discussion by the Contest Jury in the following five categories:

Category "Community in Development" – Chitalishte "Hristo Botev 2008", Garvan village, Gabrovo municipality for "unForgettable Treasure"

Category "Solidarity and Humanity" - Chitalishte "Pencho Slaveykov Malashevtci district - 1919", Sofia for the initiative "Blue Summer 2014"

Category "Art and Culture for Development" - Chitalishte "Izgrev - 1930", Banichan village, Gotce Delchev municipality for "Bright Neverending Stories on the Embroidered 'Pishtumali' of Banichan"

Category "Perspectives for Growth" - Chitalishte "Drujba -1870", Harmanli, Haskovo region for the initiative "Return of Rock and Pop Music in the Town of Harmanli" 

Category "Most Productive Partnership" - Chitalishte " St.St. Damaskin and Onufryi Gabrovski - 2011", Gabrovo for their Bazaar "Forgotten traditions, vibrant flavors" - Village Mall 



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