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The Legend

The legend says that the local women were not able to conceive due to severe illness and prayed for help to the ancient Thracian goddess of fertility Bendida. The goddess responded to their prayers and appeared in the dream of a young bride saying that the women should "choose the best wheat grains, mill them with a big stone, bring "silenced" water to a boil and add the milled grains that has been washed nine times". While the ingredients have been stirred the following words should be spoken: "To be raised strong and diligent" and "To have a soul clear as the grains". When the child grows and the time to have a family comes, again "keshkek" should be prepared before the wedding with different chanting: "To have a strong family" and "To raise healthy children". Thus, the holy 'kesha' turned out into a symbol of new beginning and new life.