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The festival Season has Started

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The festival season for 2013 has been opened on June 01st in "Meden rudnik" residential district in Bourgas with the second edition of the Festival "Shareno kotle" - Culture and Traditions of Local Communities, organized by Chitalishte "Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii - 1985", Bourgas. You are welcome to visit the forthcoming festivals and be a guest to the local communities.

The festivals were initiated and their first editions were held within Platform AGORA's project "Activating Communities through the Chitalishta in Bulgaria: second phase", funded by America for Bulgaria Foundation and thanks to the mobilized local resources and communities. Their sustainability and transformation into traditional events resulted from the engagement and the ownership of the local communities who strengthened their role of active agents of change for development of their regions.

The second edition of the Festival "Po Malkotarnovski - ot izvora na Strandza" focused on the living heritage of the Strandza region and the typical local crafts will be held on July 27th, 2013 in Malko Tarnovo, organized by Chitalishte "Prosveta-1914".



The third edition of the Festival "Banatski Culinary Delights - the Traditions of My Village" is organized by Chitalishte "Petar Parchevich-1927", village of Asenovo on August 10th, 2013.





The Festival of Traditional Food, Livelihood and Crafts "The Culinary Heritage of Trakya" with international participation will be held for a second year in Ivailovgrad on September 06th - 07th, 2013.




The fifth jubilee edition of "Festival of Peppers, Tomatoes, Traditional Food and Crafts" is organized in the period September 06-08th, 2013 by Stamboliyski Municipality and Chitalishte "Luben Karavelov-1897", Kurtovo Konare.




"Festival of Grapes and Wine" is organized for a third year on September 13th-14th, 2013 by Chitalishte "Saznanie-1873", village of Brestovica, Rodopy Municipality




"Festival of the Keshkek and Peoples Skills" - Radilovo is organized on September 21st-22nd, 2013 by Chitalishte "Zora-1903", Radilovo village, Peshtera Municipality.



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