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Platform AGORA and 7 Chitalishtes Fascinated Sofia

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Platform AGORA and the Chitalishtes from Radilovo village, Telish, Ivailovgrad, Brestovica village, Gara Bov, Assenovo village, Kurtovo Konare village and Koprivshtica got involved in this year edition of the spring festival GREEN DAYS. More than 300 people tasted grapes jam, cookies and wine, while others planned their trip for the Festival of Keshkek and Peoples' Skills (Radilovo village), the Festival of Traditional Food, Livelihood and Crafts "The Culinary Heritage of Trakya" (Ivailovgrad), the Festival "Brestovica - Grapes and Wine" (Brestovica village), the Festival of Peppers, Tomatos, Traditional Food and Crafts - Kurtovo Konare Fest, the Festival "Banatski Culinary Delights - the Traditions of My Village" (Assenovo village) and the Festival of Crafts "Po Malkotarnovski - ot izvora na Strandja" (Malko Tarnovo).

The visitors learnt more about: the Koprivshtica eco initiative and the new demonstration center - KOPRIVA that is already awaiting guests; the opportunities for leisure and relax in the nature of Stara planina and the brthtaking surroundings of Gara Bov (Svoge Municipality) as well as the new tourist trail in Telish village (Cherven briag Municipality).

At the last festival day - Tsvetnica - 'lazarki' from Gara Bov twined wreaths of flowers, sang and danced on the GREEN DAYS stage.

At the Gallery of photos you could see for yourself the mood of the participants and the attractiveness of the regions presented within the four festival days. They showcased their work - already finalized as well as future intentions - by Platform AGORA's initiative and thanks to their entrepreneurship, civic activity and willingness for positive change in their settlements.