Active Communities for Development Alternatives

Forum "Empower the Change" 2012

Seven initiatives of small communities from various locations in Bulgaria are going to seek support from individual and corporate donors at the first edition of Forum "Empower the Change". The Forum is a partnership initiative of Platform AGORA and Bulgarian Donors' Forum, supported financially by America for Bulgaria Foundation.

The initiatives to be presented have accomplished significant results so far due to the mobilization of the local residents' energy and solution of problems that have been neglected for too long:

  • "Place for Health, Happy Games and Beautiful Dreams", Chitalishte "St.St. Kiril and Methodius - 1914", Bania
  • Festival "Brestovica - Grapes and Wine", Chitalishte "Saznanie - 1873", Brestovica village
  • "Creation of a Tourist Information Center and a New Attractive Route", Chitalishte "Svetlina - 1896", Gara Bov
  • "Aero and Sport" Club, Chitalishte "Izgrev -1927", Graf Ignatievo
  • Creation of Eco-garden and Playground", Chitalishte "Vasil Levski - 1965", Kustendil
  • "Dolni Vadin + ... Where the Road Ends", Chitalishte "Saznanie - 1927", Dolni Vadin village
  • Campaign for Ensuring Accessible Environment, Chitalishte "Svetlina - 1999", Cherven bryag.

Now, the people are a few steps ahead and have achieved some success but want to continue and need to develop further and upgrade what they have started with external support. During the Forum, the seven initiatives will be presented to the guests with the idea to provoke and motivate them to provide a support. Each donor could choose one or more initiatives to support as well as the ways and means to do so.

Forum "Empower the Change" will be held on November 29th, 2012 at 4 pm in "Alexander" Hall, Radisson Blu Grand Hotel, Sofia, 4 Narodno Sabranie Sq.